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Art and Cake article Nov. 15 th 2018

International Artists Exhibit in Santa Monica
in Between Two Seas/LA International
at Arena 1 Gallery
Curated by Luigia Martelloni

and Transmission in the Hangar Galleries, MART Gallery and Studios Dublin
Through November 17th

By Genie Davis

Two very different, internationally focused exhibitions inhabit galleries at Santa Monica Airport — a particularly apt location considering many of the participating artists’ works often require a flight to view. But through November 17th, LA locals can simply drive toward the coast to take in these strong shows.

Between Two Seas/LA International at Arena 1, curated by Italian-born Luigia Martelloni, is a beautifully exhibited group show featuring 30 artists from around the world. The show offers mixed-media works, paintings, and photography as diverse and exciting as their countries of origin. Artists hail from Japan, Turkey, Mexico, China, Holland, France, England, the Dominican Republic, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Canada, and the U.S. among others. What each has in common is neither medium nor nation, but rather an acute visual eye that transcends locale with a universal vision of exciting beauty.

Participating artists include Lynn Aldrich, Krista Augius, Luigi Billi, Janine Brown, Roberto Donatelli, David Eddington, Scherezade Garcia, Jerome Glomaud, Chadefaux, John Goetz, Yossi Govrin, Kio Griffith, Rachel Grynberg, Uemon Ikeda, Deborah Lynn Irmas, Jay Mark Johnson, Veda B.Kaya, Jeremy Kidd, David Koenig, Luigia Martelloni, Andy Moses, Jackie Nach, Miguel Osuna, Claudia Parducci, Claudia Concha Perea, Mei Xian Qiu, Osceola Refetoff, Tanja Rector, Doni Silver Simons, Alberto Vannetti, Alexo Wandael, Tania Welz, and Wim Wenders.

Artists were carefully culled by Martelloni to “create a connection of cultures through artistic projects,” and to address the wonderful but potentially terrifying transitionary moments and days in which we “find ourselves suspended between two spaces.” Addressing prescient issues of international refugee migrations, the creative and humanitarian importance of co-existence, and often heartbreaking stories of displaced immigrants, Between Two Seas resonates with the freedom and connectivity that art itself represents, “independent of ethnicity and religion,” as Martelloni states.

The exhibition posits that the artist is a bridge between two seas – a physical space and a longing for connection and transport.

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