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Artist Statement

Artist Statement


All living tissue forms a fibrous texture, wrapping and connecting all life phenomena. Yet it is fragile, can be damaged, is exposed to the changes of time and will finally perish. In fact, the interweaving of the fibers of a canvas parallels the dense weave of the phenomena of life and the fate of men one to another.

For Welz, the fabric is a vital and multi-faceted material, which the artist gives new life by contaminating it with other elements, such as grafts of filaments of different composition, or damaging it to enrich it with emblematic and newfound significance. Through a stratified process of cross-references between the components of the fabric itself and reassembling it into more substantial meanings, Welz attempts to draw forth its vital essence, linking it to archetypal transformations inherent in everyone.

Welz operates through burns, cuts and padding of poor materials such as recycled jute and precious fabrics or inserts (gold, silk, brocade) reminiscent of ancient alchemical scientific studies. Just as the alchemic process aims at transforming everything into gold, so the artist’s intervention symbolically alludes to the possibility that in every material, even a poor one, there is a divine spark, a creative potential.

For despite the philosophy, the science, the technology, the evolutions of culture, our life continues to be a dense and diverse fabric, an immense canvas, of which we can only partially identify and master the threads.