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Tania Welz head shot bassa res

Born in Munich, Germany, Tania Welz has lived and worked in Rome for over 20 years.

Welz started her career as a TV producer for VIVA TV in Germany, later becoming Promo Production Producer for the Italian offices of Orbit Communications Network, Sky, Universal and the National Geographic Channel. Concurrently she pursued her artistic research, experimenting with a multitude of different materials and textiles, transforming them into large abstract wall hangings.

In 2013 she made the decision to dedicate her time entirely to her art.

Welz aims at an unconventional use of fibers, choosing fabrics and materials destined to be recycled, connecting them to each other through cuts, assemblages, burns and padding, creating large abstract works with a strong chromatic and textural impact. Through the juxtaposition of poor materials (such as recycled jute) with rich fabrics or precious inserts (gold, silk, brocade), the artist offers a perspective of transformation, thus evoking the ancient “opus alchemicus,” which, being archetypal, is inherent in everyone.

Her work is an emergence of wefts, in which the viewer is called to participate – visually evocative, dynamic and contemporary.





25.11. – 29.01.2020 group exhibition award winning artists, Le Dame Art GalleryMelia White House Hotel, London, UK

22.11.- 24.11. Artrooms Award, finalist exhibiton, Melia White House Hotel, London, UK

(ongoing) artist in focus 2, group showing, Drina Art Gallery, Belgrad, Serbia, curated by Natasha Radojeciv

Miloš Todorović, Tania Welz, Michele Iodice, Veljko Zejak, Alexandar Gligorijevich, Petar Mirković, Marko Lađušić, Lola Sprenger, Nikola Kolya Božović, Dajana Vujčić, Alexandar Dimitrijević, Miloš Tomić, Milena Mijović Durutović

(ongoing) ‘24 hours creating a new day’, Choral Art Action, Melia White House, London

site specific installation, curated by Gianfranco Valleriani, Sounds: Alex Marenga

with the partecipation of Gianni Asdrubali, Gerald Bruneau, Mariangela Capossela, Silvia de Gennaro, Francesca Fini, Hugh Fleetwood, Grabriela Herma, Armano Jericevic, Tanaka Kohei, Marko Koppe, Eden Lai, Gianfranco Notargiacomo, Alice Padovani, Mauro Palotta, Vic Pereiro, Claudia Quintieri, Virginia Ryan, Edmond Simpson, Goran Stojcetovic, Miron Tee, Stevens Vaughn , Tania Welz, Fiorenza Zaffina, Meng Zhou

27.06. – 27.09  ‘la luce della materia’, Solo show, Palazzo Naiadi, Rome, le Dame Art Gallery, curator Gianfranco Valleriani

29.03. – 29.06. ‘The dedicate anthology’, collective showing ,Palazzo Naiadi, le Dame Art Gallery, Rome, curator Gianfranco Valleriani
with the partecipation of Marco Tamburro, Kim KwanSoon, Gerald Bruneau, Antonella Catini, Alice Padovani, Maupal, Fiorenzo Zaffina, Virginio Favale, Akelo, Patrizia Montedoro

22.03.-24.03. Artrooms RomeInternational contemporary Art fair for independent artists

27.02. – 28.04. Solo show, Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich, Germany

‘Between Two Seas / LA International’, group showing, Arena 1 Gallery, Los Angeles, United States of America, curator Luigia Martelloni
with Wim Wenders, Scherezade Garcia, Andy Moses, Mei Xian Qiu, Yossi Govrin, Uemon Ikeda, Alberti Vannetti, Lynn Aldrich, Jay Mark Johnson, Luigia Martelloni

‘Elevision’, group showing, Dubai, Abu Dabi, UAE

Le trame del Mondo – Interlacement’, personal showing, PiazzadiSpagna9, Rome, curator Raffaela Salato

2016 World Art Dubai, Showcasing winning artwork ‘All you can(not) leave behind’, International Emerging Artist Award 2016, Dubai, UAE

2015 WIA Expo 2015 (Warsaw International Art), group showing, Warsaw, Poland

2014 ‘From Lausanne to Beijing’, 8th international fiber art biennale , Nantong, China

2012 Premio internazionale Limen, Vibo Valentia, Italy, curated by Giorgio di Genova

‘La Materia Ri-Nata’, group showing, Galleria Modulo M4, Macro, La pelanda, Rome, Italy

2011 Festival internationale dell’arte’, group showing, Embassy of Iraq, Roma, Italy

2010 Opera Unica Rome, solo show Italy, group showing, RvBArts Rome, Italy , group showing, Qibab Art Gallery Abu Dhabi, UAE

2009 group showing, Traasart Gallery Rome, Italy, 1213 Gallery Rome, Italy

2006 group showing, Gard Gallery Rome, Italy, Clandestini Foundation Rome, Italy


2020 – Honorable mention, CFA Artist of the year Award, Circle foundation for the Arts, Lyon, France

2019 – Le Dame Art Gallery Award, Le Dame Art Gallery, London

2016 winner 4 th International Emerging Artist Award category ‘Mixed Media’, Dubai, UAE

2010 25th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition selected by Juror Ms. Megan Fontanella, Assistent curator , Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York for a review in ArtisSpectrum Magazine, New York


Dutch Railway Network Prorail


Co-creator, co-author and presenter of the TV art – magazine ‘Art2Art’ (see part-1, see part-2), Artchannel China (艺术人文)


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2014 8th From Lausanne to Bejing Fiberart Biennale Catalogue, page 171, ISBN 978-7-112-18456-9
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