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Tania Welz head shot bassa res

Born in Munich, Germany, Tania Welz has lived and worked in Rome for over 20 years.
Welz set out as a painter but soon felt that the two-dimensional surface of the canvas and the use of paints and brushes were limiting her creativity. She felt the need to bring a sculptural element into her work but at the same time, she wanted to avoid the hardness and rigidity associated with traditional sculpture. At this point, she turned to textiles, experimenting with a variety of materials and textures that she transformed into large, abstract fiber art wall hangings.
Her work is not only arresting in terms of colour and composition, but also entices the viewer through presenting different elements in a work in intriguing juxtapositions. If the great masters of the past revealed their interior world through the strength and the thickness of the brush stroke, Welz achieves her results through tearing apart, rebuilding, padding and burning her motifs.
Welz contrasts the textures and physical characteristics of many different fabrics but is also well aware of their cultural and social history, giving her works a highly loaded significance. Silk and velvet are related to power and fashion, for example, while jute is connected with hard work and slavery. These elements result in wallhangings that are both visually and conceptually very dynamic and contemporary.


‘Le trame del Mondo – Interlacement’, personal showing, curator Raffaela Salato, PiazzadiSpagna9, Artgallery-Boutique hotel, ongoing
World Art Dubai, Showcasing winning artwork ‘All you can(not) leave behind’, International Emerging Artist Award 2016, Dubai, UAE
WIA Expo 2015 (Warsaw International Art), Warsaw, Poland, 2015
8th international fiber art biennale 2014, Nantong, China, 2014
Premio internazionale Limen arte 2011 Vibo Valentia, Italy, 2012
Festival internationale dell’arte, Embassy of Iraq, Roma, Italy, 2011
Opera Unica Rome, Italy , RvBArts Rome, Italy , Qibab Art Gallery Abu Dhabi, UAE,2010
Traasart Gallery Rome, Italy, 1213 Gallery Rome, Italy, 2009
Gard Gallery Rome, Italy, Clandestini Foundation Rome, Italy, 2006


2010 25th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition selected by Juror Ms. Megan Fontanella, Assistent curator , Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, for a review in ArtisSpectrum Magazine, New York
2016 winner 4 th International Emerging Artist Award category ‘Mixed Media’, Dubai, UAE


Dutch Railway Network Prorail


Co-creator, co-author and presenter of the TV art – magazine ‘Art2Art’ (see part-1, see part-2), Artchannel China (艺术人文)