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Tania Welz: A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

Born in Munich, Germany, Tania Welz has lived and worked in Rome for over 20 years. Welz‘s highly imaginative abstract artworks are born with the idea that in every material, even a crude one, there is a divine spark, a creative potential. She uses contrasting materials such as recycled jute and precious fabrics and through tearing, rebuilding, padding and burning Tania creates different motifs and structures to almost sculptural effect. Then she enriches them with silk brocade and precious metals by inserting 12k gold and silver – reminiscent of ancient alchemical scientific studies. And, just as the alchemic process, aims at transforming everything into gold! Tania Welz with her artwork gives a strong message to the viewers – the contrast of textures and fabrics symbolically represent the social and cultural conflicts in today’s society. Her solo exhibition ‘Luce della materia’ curated by Gianfranco Valleriani is possible to see in Rome at the Palazzo Naiadi, The Dedica Anthology, until beginning ofSeptember.