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‘laranarossa’ Gallery, solo show, curator Ivana Iacomini

Her expressive ‘language’ comes alive with a woven fabric that is commonly dismissed as being durable and inexpensive: Jute. Expansive canvases of raw jute serve as backgrounds for the interplay of motifs formed by delicate interwoven fabrics. Of fundamental importance are the weight and the transparency of the materials, the constant juxtaposition between raw jute and the contrasting use of refined fabrics are one of the many keys to interpret her works.

Tania Welz aims at the soul and captures its emotions through her materials. If the great masters of the past revealed their interior world through the strength and the thickness of the brush stroke, Welz achieves her results through tearing apart, rebuilding, padding and burning her motifs.

Her tapestries are subject to different states of metamorphosis before being finalized. Just as the spirit and character of a human being needs to be subjected to changes, at times violent, to be renewed and strengthened, so to, her works undergo mutations to organically achieve a state of symbolic unity.

From her first paintings, defined as ‘expressionist, she has grown artistically, but this label continues to best define her work. Through expressionism, her research found a growing need to serve the needs of her ‘inner’ eye, instead of being conditioned by her ‘external’ eye, thus creating a rupture between the subjective and the objective.

Over time, and by developing unique technical skills, Welz notes that her inner expression increasingly corresponds to her use of matter: her works became the manufactured equivalent of her emotions. Her tapestries integrate craftsmanship and abstract expressionism . Her approach combines the detached acumen of the scientific spirit and the vigorous impetus of the the artist. The recurring element of ‘fire’ in her works, paradoxically symbolizes both power and energy, as well as, grace and levity. Flames that envelope and haunt the fabric, while cleansing and presenting a new beginning. A metamorphosis where the attentive viewer can discover the birth of new motifs and shapes.The subjects of her initial works represented elements of nature with details of seascapes and nature that intuitively transmit the deep ties that inescapably link man to the earth.

In more recent works the realism of portraying natural elements have given way to more abstract shapes that appeal to the senses, as in the arazzo entitled ‘ Love is ‘ where the sumptuous velvet positioned to the side of the tapestry symbolizess for Welz the source of global love through which a dense network of silicon chips form branches that simulate the release of energy destined to vanish into a parallel universe.

All her creations are characterized by a marked desire to share with her audience both her mind and her inner instincts….the essence of her very being.