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The Best of 2016, International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA), Coffee Book Table

INTERNATIONAL EMERGING ARTIST AWARD 2016 ( IEAA) IEAA is Dubai’s contemporary award open internationally for emerging visual artists. A selection of the best entires from the 4th edition. click here...

23 Jun
IEAA, Show at the fair award, World Art Dubai

4th International Emerging Artist Award 2016, curator and art director: Rebia Naim World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Center, a contemporary art fair specially designed to promote emerging artists and...

06 Apr
Winner ‘International Emerging artist award’ ( IEAA), categorie ‘Mixed Media’

I have been selected as the Winner of the ‘Mix Media’ category in the 4th International Emerging Artist Award which will see my work displayed at World Art Dubai, 6-9 April, 2016. For further...

06 Mar
4 th International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) Dubai

4 th International Emerging Artist Award ‘All you can (not) leave behind’ preselected for the ‘Show at the Fair Award’ in Dubai. For more information please go to

26 Jan
WIA Expo 2015 / Warsaw International Art

This article is only available in Italian and Polish WARSAW INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO | malarstwo, fotografia, video, rzeźba, instalacja 23.06 – 07.07.2015 r. | Galeria DAP | WSTĘP WOLNY Dom Artysty Plastyka...

03 Jul
8th International Fiber Art Biennale „FROM LAUSANNE TO BEIJING“ Nantong 2014

FROM LAUSANNE TO BEIJING The spirit of the 8th International Fiber Art Biennale „FROM LAUSANNE TO BEIJING“ Nantong 2014 Inclusiveness Integration Nantong, a wonder land, boasts a time-honored history...

16 Oct
Art2art, TV art-magazine, Pilot part 2

Co-ideatrice, co-autrice e presentatrice del tele magazzino ‘Art2Art’, Artchannel China (艺术人文

05 Mar
Art2art, TV art-magazine, Pilot part 1

Co-creator, co-author and presenter of the TV art – magazine  ‘Art2Art’, Artchannel China (艺术人文)

05 Mar
Premio Internationale Limen arte 2011

Artcritic and curator Vittorio Sgarbi pays a visit to Limen Arte 2011, curated by Giorgio di Genova download catalogue publication at pag.131 / 223

31 Jan
‘laranarossa’ Gallery, solo show, curator Ivana Iacomini

Her expressive ‘language’ comes alive with a woven fabric that is commonly dismissed as being durable and inexpensive: Jute. Expansive canvases of raw jute serve as backgrounds for the interplay of...

15 May
Art review artmagazine ArtisSpectrum, Vol. 23, May 2010, pag. 37

review ArtisSpectrum The canvases of Tania Elisabeth Welz are powerful visions to behold, complex allegories of human experience brimming with emotion. Born in Munich, Germany, for the past 17 years Welz...

07 May
Prorail inaugurates the work ‘loco.motif/ neuron 3’

Loco – motif When I received the commission to create an artwork for Prorail, I envisaged a design motif that reflected how Prorail connects distant parts of the country creating a network, permitting...

23 Apr
stage design ‘Correva l’anno’, Rai 3

program: Correva l’anno, Rai 3, 2002 stage designer : Carlo Canè

08 May