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Between Two Seas / LA international

Between Two Seas / LA International
Collective showing at
Arena 1 Gallery, 3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405
October 20 – November 17 2018 / 20 ottobre – 17 novembre 2018

CURATED BY Luigia Martelloni

Between Two Seas / LA international focuses on how the work of 30 artist from different cultures and experiences interprets and processes pysical, emotional and organic matter, giving shape to a heterogenous creative reality of coexistence.
Art is an instrument of beauty, freedom, interconnection and integration, independant of ethnicities and religions.
In ‘Between Two Seas’ the artist becomes a bridge, that spans not only physical space but also the infinite horizon of desire to reach other ground.

Between Two Seas/ La International curated by Luigia Gio Martelloni brings together an impressive group of international artists:

Lynn Aldrich (USA) Krista Augius (Lithuania) Luigi Billi (Italy) Janine Brown (USA) Roberto Donatelli (Italy) David Eddington (England) Scherezade Garcia (Dominican Republic) Jerome Glomaud Chadefaux (France) John Goetz (Switzerland) Yossi Govrin (Israel) Kio Griffith (Japan/USA) Rachel Grynberg (USA) Tatsuo Uemon Ikeda (Japan) Deborah Lynn Irmas (USA) Jay Mark Johnson (USA) Veda B Kaya (Turkey) Jeremy Kidd (England) David Koenig (Germany) Luigia Gio Martelloni (Italy) Andy Moses (USA) Jackie Nach (SouthAfrica) Miguel Osuna (Mexico) Claudia Parducci (USA) Claudia Concha Perea (Colombia) Mei Xian Qiu (China/Indonesia) Osceola Refetoff (Canada) Tanja Rector (Holland) Doni Silver Simons (USA) Alberto Vannetti (Italy) Alexo Wandael (South Tyrol) Tania Welz (Germany) Wim Wenders (Germany)