Tania Welz, born in Munich, Germany, has resided and worked in Rome, Italy, for more than two decades.
In her artist practice, Tania Welz combines fabrics with various materials, prompting them to clash, interact, and transform through the erosive forces of fire, air, water, physical manipulation, and chemicals up to creating large scale works imbued with powerful chromatic and material impacts.
Employing techniques such as cutting, assembling, scorching, padding, and blending modest materials with opulent textiles or precious inserts, the artist presents a perspective of dynamic and visually suggestive transformations.
Her work meditates on the fleeting instant where different material worlds intertwine in a moment of transformation to capture and preserve this transient flash of beauty before it disappears back into the flow of time and change.

Tania Welz has exhibited internationally, including shows in China, Poland, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Slovakia, Greece, the UK and the United States and her work has received honors such as the 4th International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai in 2016.

Notable exhibitions include the 8th International Fiber Art Biennial in Nantong, China (2014), 6th Textile Art of Today (2022) at the prestigious Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, Slovak Republic and the solo exhibition ‘Oltre il confine’ that will be held in September at the Castro Mediano Museum in Lecce, Italy.

Her work resides in many private and public collections, including a commission for the Dutch Railway Network.
She has also created set designs for Italian television and co-produced and presented an art television segment broadcast for the Chinese television.

Tania Welz currently lives and maintains a studio practice in the center of Rome.