Open Villa Sciarra

Art Installation For Grace Received

Artevent curated by Eugenia Querci

The Art installation ‘For Grace Received’ combines historical customs with contemporary ecological concerns, to inspire a profound appreciation for nature’s gifts and a commitment to preserving them for future generations.

‘For Grace Received’ is a contemporary ex-voto to nature, to thank it for its daily gifts that sustain life on the planet.

The installation derives its name from an age-old religious tradition in which individuals present cherished artifacts as tokens of appreciation for fulfilled desires. This custom signifies the connection between humanity and the divine, and can be expanded to encompass a more expansive sense of thankfulness directed towards the natural world.The installation “For Grace Received” explores the relationship between humanity, nature and spirituality through the universal symbol of the tree.

Trees in ancient cultures were considered natural connectors between the earthly realm and the spiritual or divine realms. They were seen as a bridge between humans and the gods, acting as a conduit for communication and offerings.
Thus, the tree is speaking a global language, becoming a metaphor for gratitude, sharing and caring.
Ancient pagan rituals are reinvented in the installation and evoke a visceral bond between human beings and natural cycles.
Copper objects with organic, material shapes are arranged on a natural pedestal, the tree, creating a sort of secular altar. Copper, with its energizing properties, is the medium that bridges past and present, spirit and matter.

The work expresses gratitude towards nature, source of sustenance and life, recalling a forgotten sacredness. The installation is an invitation to rediscover this deep connection and cultivate gratitude to the Planet, beyond cultural differences.