The “Chrysopoeia” series, inspired by the ancient art of alchemy, delves into the transformative journey of fabric into copper

The name Chrysopoeia, was borrowed from a term of alchemy which means transmutation into gold or the completion of the great work (Magnus Opus), symbolically indicating the successful transformation of all impurities into gold.

Each piece in the “Chrysopoeia” series commences its life as a piece of fabric—humble, pliable, and undeniably ordinary.
The fabric is molded and manipulated, combining artistry and chemistry in a process reminiscent of alchemical practices.
The moulding blank is subsequently submerged in a copper sulfate solution and exposed to a slow process of mineralization, during which the fabric absorbs the copper, gradually morphing into a unique piece of metallic art.

Each work in the “Chrysopoeia” series is a product of time, patience, and dedication, much like the alchemical process itself. The resulting copper, while retaining the traces of the original fabric, reveals itself as something new and astonishing. The intricate details, refined texture, and metallic iridescence of each piece invite the viewer into a deeper contemplation on the nature of transformation and the hidden potential within everyday objects.

The metamorphosis of the cloth into copper is not just a physical transformation. It is a symbolic manifestation of alchemical philosophy, where the quest for transmutation of metal is a parallel to the spiritual quest for enlightenment and perfection.
This concept emphasizes throughout the artistic process, that art, like alchemy, can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
It is a reminder that nothing is fixed or immutable, and the potential for change and growth exists within everything.