The lifespan of textiles is not dissimilar to that one of our own bodies: newness, gradually replaced by wear and tear until worn out.
This connection creates an intimate relationship between fabric and the body, making textiles itself a metaphor for life and death.
This impermanence of life and the resulting exploration into time is a common thread running through all my work.
The inter-temporal connections of the different time axes — past, present and future — are illustrated by the use of materials such as gold, which originated millions of years ago and can still be found in our daily lives.
Gold, as a representative of the permanent, the imperishable, communicates with the fragile, the impermanent Now.
I use processes of chemical phenomena such as the oxidation of certain metals to further underline the transformation inherent to life.
Burns, cuts and paddings of humble materials are contrasted with precious inserts, and set in motion a metamorphosis, a constant progression of decline and renewal, within an infinite cycle of appearance and disappearance.
My work can be seen as a series of snapshots in which a wide range of material worlds intertwine, damage and repair each other — only for a moment and then they separate again — in an attempt to show this fleeting instant of life, to freeze a moment of beauty before it will inevitably disappear.