For the 2023 exhibition M.A.H.A.S, Studio Rö gallery has been transformed into a temple that was discovered by a distant civilization. This temple is not affiliated with any specific religion, but rather it opens up a discussion about the place of religion and spirituality in humanity. The exhibition explores the roots and rituals of spirituality and questions its impact on our planet.
The term M.A.H.A.S means “Universe” in a language so ancient that it cannot be found in any manuscripts. Even within this ancient civilization, the notion of spirituality was present, raising questions about the origin of religions and the need for humanity to find purpose.
Scarlett Rouge is the guest artist of this year exhibition and presents anunprecedented large painting, “The Last Supper,” challenging modern perceptions of religious icons by portraying the control we constantly seek over the planet and our destiny.
The M.A.H.A.S exhibition showcases art pieces featuring talented artistssharing the same convictions. Among them, Alexander Carey-Morgan, Tania Welz, William Guillon, Elisabetta Caizzimarini, Melanie Ashton, Andrea Copp, Elohim and more…
And as every year Studio Rö is revealing its own and unique special furniture piece specially edited for the exhibition.