Yuriko Damiani – Florence Vacher – Tania Welz
March 10 – April 10, 2022
“Waves of Weaving” is the title of the new group show at Athens’ DOMUS ART GALLERY, which welcomes to Greece for
the first time, the works of internationally-renowned artists Yuriko
Damiani, Florence Vacher and Tania Welz.
The exhibition will take place from March 10 to April 10 (2022) and it will comprise of textile art and porcelain creations, weaving together three different creative approaches.
Fabrics, fiber, cotton, velvet, silk, jute, ancient japanese gold are the main materials used by the artists to create their works.
The title of the exhibition, “Waves of Weaving”, was inspired by the repetitive and rhythmic movement of the hand which traverses surfaces in order to imprint an image, a vision.
Each artist in the exhibition is involved with ancient practices and traditional arts, developing them in a modern perspective, in order to generate new creative and original styles.
Domus Art Gallery – Prousis, 28 Vari, 16672 – Athens, Greece