In this series of work, the protagonists are used and worn rugs, woven by peoples and tribes around the globe, reflecting the internal psychological and external territorial perception of our roots.
Global migration, displacement and the search for a new home are increasingly common phenomena of our times, thus requiring a need for the development of a broader concept of ‘Heimat’ *: one that expands beyond territorial identification and embraces cultural and individual nuances, creating new ways to BE in today’s world.
There is a longing, a yearning that will pave new ways to belong.

* ‘Heimat’ is a German word that describes a strong inner belonging to someone, something or somewhere; it is, on one level, comparable to the English word ‘home’, but it is more complex as it also includes the concept of environmental and cultural roots where the ‘home’ is located. Everyone has a sense of ‘Heimat’, even when they can’t label it.