The objects used for the art installation ‘For Grace Received’ come from the ‘Beautiful Leftover’ series, a by-product of the process of transforming fabric into metal, which characterizes the artist’s latest works in the ‘Chrysopoeia’ series.
The ‘Beautiful Left Over’ series is an exploration into materials that harnesses the potential and beauty of what is often considered waste. This series presents an innovative artistic perspective on the use of copper and its derivatives, inviting viewers to consider the value of what is often dismissed as a mere residue of a process.
The series focuses on the artist’s deep commitment to copper.
This material, known for its malleability and durability, as well as its warm, earthy hue, plays a central role as a theme that brings together the artworks produced for this collection.
Thanks to the artistic intervention, each piece shows the transformation from a raw and industrial material to a refined and elegant work of art.
In its alchemical journey from waste material to precious art, the “Beautiful Left Over” series makes a powerful statement about the possibilities of transformation and reinvention.
It is a demonstration of the creative potential inherent in all elements and an invitation to recognize and appreciate this potential in our daily lives.
Through this series, the artist invites us to redefine the value we attribute to what we consider waste, with an alchemical opus that concerns our human specificity, and to recognize its intrinsic value and beauty.

‘For Grace Received’ , art installation , event ‘Open Villa Sciarra’ , Villa Sciarra, Rome